We are community ecologists that apply ecological theory to improve ecosystem management and restoration. We are interested in why there are so many species in the world, what factors shape their abundances over space and time, and how we can use this understanding to sustain biodiversity. Please click on the topic headings below for more on each research theme.

Species coexistence

What mechanisms structure species coexistence over space and time? How do these change with global change?

Synchrony and stability

Why do populations of the same species often fluctuate in synchrony across space? What causes different species to fluctuate in tandem with one another? How do these forms of synchrony scale to affect ecosystem stability?

Trait-based community assembly

Can we use functional trait relationships to better optimize multiple ecosystem services in complex landscapes? Can it guide species selection in restoration plantings?

Plant invasions

How does global change affect invasion dynamics? Can we predict invasion dynamics in light of multiple change drivers?

Conservation management

What goals should we set for conservation efforts in an era of global change? Are there creative, science-based tools to achieving these goals?