Andrew Muehleisen



2020 Yale University PhD in Forestry and Environmental Studies *Associates in Teaching

2013 Ohio State University BS in Evolution and Ecology *Minor in Engineering Sciences

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in plant adaptation to environmental stresses and associated consequences for biodiversity and coexistence. Once in forests, now in grasslands.

Recent Awards

2018 Tropical Resources Institute Endowment Fellowship, Yale University 2018 Conference Travel Fellowship, Yale University 2015 Doctoral Pilot Grant, Yale Institute for Biospheric Sciences


Muehleisen, A. J., Schwartz, N. B., Stump, S. M., Staver, A. C. 2020. Deciduous-evergreen coexistence in tropical forests. In Review. Journal of Ecology.

Muehleisen, A. J., Engelbrecht, B., Jones, F.A., Manzane-Pinzon, E., & Comita, L. (2020). Local adaptation to herbivory within tropical tree species along a rainfall gradient. Accepted. Ecology.

Muehleisen, A. J., Queenborough, S. A., Alvia, P., Valencia, R., & Fiala, B. 2016. Incidence of Extrafloral Nectaries and Their Relationship with Growth and Survival of Lowland Tropical Rain Forest Trees. Biotropica, 48(3), 321-331.