Ashley Shaw



2018 Colorado State University PhD in Ecology
2013 Colorado State University MS in Ecology
2010 Bellarmine University BA in Biology

Research Interests

My research is driven by curiosity about 1) the biological patterns and processes shaping ecological communities and their functions, and 2) the relationship of communities and their biotic and abiotic drivers to global changes.


2018 National Science Foundation Travel Award
2017 Antarctic Science International Bursary
2013 Runner-up, Best Student Paper Competition, Society of Nematologists

Recent Publications

Shaw, EA, BJ Adams, JE Barrett, WB Lyons, RA Virginia, DH Wall. 2018. Stable C and N isotope ratios reveal soil food web structure and identify the nematode Eudorylaimus antarcticus as an omnivore-predator in Taylor Valley, Antarctica. Polar Biology.

García-Palacios, P, EA Shaw, DH Wall, S Hättenschwiler. 2017. Contrasting mass-ratio vs. niche complementarity effects on litter C and N loss during decomposition along a regional climatic gradient. Journal of Ecology. 105: 968–978. doi:10.11111365-2745.12730

Shaw, EA, K Denef, C Milano de Tomasel, MF Cotrufo, and DH Wall. 2016. Fire affects root decomposition, soil food web structure and carbon flow in tallgrass prairie. SOIL. DOI: 10.5194/soil-2-199-2016